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Our mission is to provide genuine value to our customers and services that simplify people’s lives and generate value to society.


In the next few years we would like to become a company recognized for:
•Generating a positive impact in those who work with us, and the people that use our services
•Being a great place to work, where people enjoy the challenges that are presented and can advance as people and professionals
•Generating new jobs both directly and indirectly through the services the company offers



We take the initiative. When it comes to communicating in time, when trying to discover the true needs of our clients and their businesses, and on how we can best execute a project to achieve their goals.


We feel the products and services we develop as ours, and thus work to exceed our customers' expectations.


We understand that business is all about setting the right expectations, and for that, we work rigorously to communicate clearly and meet our commitments in a timely fashion.


The products and services we deliver to our clients must always be of the highest quality. To achieve this we ensure to adhere to the best practices available, and train our people to keep up with the latest technology trends.

Team Work

We believe that team work is the only way to achieve results. For that we foster great working relationships between our own, and with our clients' teams.

What We Do

Writing code is just one of the many things we do

We have experience with several different technologies, and have built from websites and mobile apps to other cool stuff like mind reading applications!

Testing and Quality Assurance

We make tests for the correct use of the products, incorrect uses, and performance test so as to assure the highest quality possible.

IT Support

Answering questions and solving problems are necessary for our clients to operate fluidly.

System Architecture and Design

We establish and diagram how an application should be built in order to be eficient, as easy to use and as easy to maintain as possible.

Project Management

Defining which tasks have to be done, assigning resources and monitoring the execution of a project is essential to get quality results in the adequate time.

Technical Documentation and Training Services

We write the necesary manuals explaining how things work and also train our customers not only to use what we built but also any technology implied if necessary.

Technologies We Know

Tools and languages we like to play with everyday

The Team

The people making things happen
Ricardo Szyfer

Owner, Team Leader and Business Developer

Ignacio Medoc

Owner, Team Leader and Business Developer

Juan Bautista Heber

Full-Stack Developer

Marcelo Belfer

Front-end developer

Our Customers

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Mosaicos del Sur

Banyan Water




Hotel La Castellana

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Celular Shop


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Líbano 1319, Montevideo, Uruguay

hello@kinamic.com (00598) 98 54 6262
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Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00

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